Our pre-kindergarten program creates an environment that encourages curiosity and offers challenges to stimulate development. While finding the balance between nurturing and encouraging exploration, we teach the children the social and self help skills they will need in life. We use positive guidance techniques that will help your child to succeed in the classroom and in life.

As your child enters our pre-kindergarten program expect to see them learning and progressing rapidly. Our program will encourage your child to challenge themselves with a balance of:

  • Bible: Stories, songs, lessons and prayers
  • Habits and Procedures: Life skills and basic rules
  • Independent Art: Creative expression
  • Language Development: Expanding their vocabulary and language skills 
  • Large Group Activities: Gross motor and Social Skills
  • Science and Sensory: Discovering the world around them
  • Music and Movement: Listening and gross motor skills
  • Library and Language: Reading and listening skills
  • Blocks and Manipulatives: Fine motor and cognitive skills
  • Independent Art: Creative expression 
  • Dramatic Play: Hands on manipulation of real life objects and life skills
  • Numbers: Recognizing numbers, counting, and number concepts
  • Phonics: Recognizing capital and lowercase letters, blends and the sound they make 
  • Writing: Correctly writing manuscript capital and lowercase letters (806) 747-6688, 2433 26th Street Lubbock, Texas 79411 © CPC, Inc. 2011